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CNMI Joint Region Marianas Coordination Office director presents to NMC students (December 1, 2017)

(Joint Region Marianas-CNMI) — CNMI Joint Region Marianas Coordination Office or CJCO director Randel L. Sablan spoke before a group of Northern Marianas College students Tuesday morning about the relationship between the CNMI government and the military.

Instructors Barry Wicksman and Lupe Robinson invited Sablan to present to their Current Issues in the CNMI classes to explain the purpose of his office and its role in in the Marianas.

During the 90-minute class, Sablan shared his background as a native of Guam, his education and his professional experience in the public and private sector that led to his current role with the military.

He also explained his role with the military, how the military works directly with the local government at the executive level and with municipal agencies.

Tuesday’s presentation was Sablan’s second visit to the Current Issues in the CNMI class.

Throughout each presentation, Sablan answered questions from the students about the types of training in the Marianas, the relocation of Marines from Japan and the military’s plans in the region.

The director found the students engaging during the question and answer period and said he appreciated the opportunity to speak directly with the students about the issues affecting the present and their future.

“They asked some excellent questions which demonstrated just how closely they’re following current events in the Marianas. I look forward to sharing with the class again,” he said.

Current Issues in the CNMI is one of NMC’s capstone courses designed to make students more active, competent and effective citizens of the CNMI. The course familiarizes students with current and future political, economic, social, cultural and environmental issues and challenges facing the CNMI. The class allows students to analyze and discuss the issues before exploring possible solutions.

Community participation is a core component of the program and instructor Barry Wicksman appreciates the community leaders who share their time in the classroom.

“Current Issues classes are made better when our community gets involved. Our military’s role in the CNMI continues to be an important issue and we are fortunate to have those directly involved share with our class.”

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