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Academic Council


The Academic Council assists the Dean of Academic Programs and Services on all matters related to instructional programs and academic regulations. It reviews and offers advice on the quality of and continued need for various instructional programs, and, as appropriate, offers advice on the deletion of academic programs. It facilitates assessment of Student Learning Outcomes at the course level, and works closely with PROAC on all assessment and program review activities.

Academic Council Members:

Voting Members

  • Mr. Ajani Burrell, Academic Council Chair
    Assistant Professor, Language and Humanities
  • Mr. William Hunter, Academic Council Vice Chair
    Coordinator, Distance Learning Education
  • Dr. Beylul Solomon, Academic Council Secretary
    Associate Professor, School Of Education
  • Dr. Alfredo De Torres
    Department Chair, Natural Resources Management
  • Ms. Barbara Hunter
    Assistant Professor, School of Business
  • Ms. Christine Inos
    Acting Director - Student Services / Counceling
  • Ms. Ermelinda Oneto
    Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Mr. Jesse Pangelinan
    Assistant Professor, School of Education
  • Ms. Kathleen Winkfield
    Assistant Professor, Science, Math, Health and Athletics
  • Ms. Lisa Lunde
    Assistant Professor, Science, Math, Health and Athletics
  • Vacant
    Office of Admission and Records
  • Dr. James Kline
    Professor, Social Science and Fine Arts
  • Ms. Velma Deleon Guerrero
    Program Coordinator, Liberal Arts
  • Ms. Zerlyn Taimano
    Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice

Non-Voting Members

  • Dr. Perry Pangelinan
    Director, Library Services
  • Mr. Manny Castro
    Director, Office of Enrollment Services
  • Mr. Martin Mendiola
    Program Coordinator, NMC Rota Site
  • Ms. Maria Aguon
    Program Coordinator, NMC Tinia Site
  • Mr. Keane Palacios
    Acting Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ms. Daisie Camacho
    Acting Director, Information Technology
  • Mr. Kenneth Gabrido
    President, ASNMC
  • Ms. Patricia Coleman
    Program Leader and Extension Agent, CREES

Minutes from Previous Meetings

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