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Service Learning Program

What is the Service Learning Program?

Service Learning provides students an opportunity to extend their academic learning through practical service experience with a community agency. Through the combination of civic engagement and academic learning, students benefit through the following:

  1. Enriched learning and application of classroom knowledge.
  2. Exploration of career/major.
  3. Broadening awareness of the community and its needs.
  4. Development of social, ethical, and moral responsibilities.
  5. Documented experience.
  6. An opportunity to be acknowledged by the professional community
  7. Improvement of citizenship, life, self-learning, occupational, and critical thinking skills.
  8. Enjoyment and an opportunity to make a difference! ,

Why should I participate in the Service Learning Program?

  1. Service Learning combines academic/occupational instruction with community service. In the Service Learning Program at the Northern Marianas College, you can earn classroom credits while serving in a variety of agencies and organizations.
  2. You will develop critical thinking, analytical problem solving, civic and community responsibility, and social and personal growth in a "learn by doing" format and by reflection on your experiences during your project.

The Northern Marianas College inaugurated the Service Learning Program to provide opportunities for students to conduct service activities for the community as part of their academic experience. This program is implemented on college campuses nationwide. Through a small Learn and Serve Grant from the National Corporation for Service, our program was inaugurated in January 2001. Following completion of our Service Learning requirements, you will earn a certificate for serving your community while learning your academic coursework.

How do I participate in NMC's Service Learning Program?

To participate in NMC's Service Learning Program, you must:

  1. Enroll in a course offering service learning as an assignment, requirement, or extra credit.
  2. Register at the Career Center.
  3. Be interviewed for your service learning assignment.
  4. Return all appropriate forms to your instructor and Service Learning Coordinator.
  5. Complete required coursework and Service Learning Program requirements. A minimum of 20 hours of contribution to the community service/field service learning per semester.

What does the Service Learning Program do?

  1. Connect students and Community Partners; follow up on service activities; provide support.
  2. Prepare individualized program name tags for students to wear while on site.
  3. Offer opportunities to reflect on the knowledge/skills gained through the service experience.
  4. Conduct Service-Learning Recognition and kickoff events each semester, recognizing students, faculty, and community partners for their contributions.

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