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Computer Applications

CS 103 - Introduction to Computers
3 credits. This course will cover the basic knowledge on the PC hardware - including the system unit, local networks and the Internet; provides students with practical skills on using the Windows operating system; provides students with practical skills on using commonly used PC application programs, including a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation, and a database program. The course will also give students skills on using the Internet for communication and research and introduce them to creating Web pages. This course emphasizes using the PC as a multiple applications tool. Prerequisite: a high school computer course(s) or demonstrated ability to type at 35 words per minute. English Placement Level: EN 085. (Offered: Fall and Spring)

CS 140 - Database Applications I
3 credits. This course introduces students to database concepts and theories and provides them with knowledge and skills necessary to develop database applications in business and other areas. The course will use Microsoft Access. Prerequisite: CS 103 or instructor’s permission. English Placement Level: EN 093/094.

CS 222 - Web Design and Programming
4 credits. This course introduces the topic of Web Site Design with the focus being computer coding methodologies to include HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 will be presented as a document structure language and CSS3 will be presented as the presentation (format) description language. Students will create and manipulate computer images to create web graphics for use on their web site. Fundamental Computer networking concepts will be covered so those students understand how the internet works. Students will host their web site on a web server. Prerequisite: CS 103. English Placement Level: EN 093/094. Math Placement Level: MA 132. (Offered: Fall)

CS 227 - Introduction to Programming
3 credits. This course introduces computer programming with emphasis on program design, coding, debugging, testing, documentation, and algorithm design. The course presents such fundamentals of programming as data types, operators, control structures, arrays, strings, and functions. This course prepares students to develop applications using Java programming language. Students will be able to build useful programs using Java constructs while learning the basics of structured and object-oriented programming language and techniques. They will also be introduced to GUI and Web-based programming in Java. The course includes advanced coverage of arrays, inheritance, and GUI concepts. Prerequisite: CS 222, MA 132. English Placement Level: EN 101. Math Placement Level: MA 161. (Offered Spring)

CS 246 - Database Applications II
3 credits. This is a hands-on course that expands the development of database management skills presented in CS 140 into the use of SQL as the main interface to the database. Prerequisite: CS 140. English Placement Level: EN 093/094.