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Extended Degrees and University Partnerships (EDUP) Program

Postsecondary programs leading to baccalaureate and graduate degrees through other institutions of higher education are facilitated by CDI. Relationships with U.S. accredited institutions of higher learning are continually being explored to provide baccalaureate degree programs through NMC. Current educational partnerships include:

  • Framingham State University: Master of Education for Teachers in American Schools Overseas is a two-year graduate program that has graduated four cohorts of students (totaling over One Hundred (100) graduates). Applications for upcoming cohorts can be found at CDI.

  • University of Guam: Various Certificate, Baccalaureate, Graduate Degree programs are now being offered at NMC through a partnership between UOG and NMC.
    • UOG SROTC Military Science Courses are offered in the CNMI through CDI thus allowing full-time students enrolled at NMC to seek an officer career in the U.S. Army during their first two years of SROTC in the CNMI.

  • University of Hawaii: Various Certificate, Baccalaureate, Graduate Degree programs are now being offered at NMC through a partnership between UOH and NMC.
    • University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities- UCEDD, “you said” Program of the Northern Marianas College. UCEDD is one of sixty-three UCE, University Centers for Excellence, programs through out the United States including American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. NMC’s UCEDD Program is sponsored through a grant from the University of Hawaii’s UCE program and is the sister program of American Samoa Community College UCEDD Program.
    • UCEDD is committed to the development of culturally complimentary outcomes while promoting equal opportunity, independence, productivity, promoting self-determination and supporting an improved quality of life for people with developmental disabilities in their villages, the commonwealth and the world around us.

      UCEDD facilitates a “Consumer Advisory Council” and an annual work plan to direct the outreach, develop and implement our goals and objective that lead our program. Some of the goals and programs we are operating include the following:

      • Develop partnerships with local and regional UCE Programs;
      • Establish and lead interagency collaboration with service agencies in the CNMI;
      • Work with parents and consumer groups with support, training and empowerment efforts;
      • Provide training for special education teachers;
      • Work with NMC to develop degree and endorsement programs in critical need areas, and
      • Implement support opportunities in collaboration, coordination, and cooperation with the DD TriAgency Group: CNMI DD Council, NMPASI and NMC UCEDD Program.

  • Collaborations with other regional and national institutions of higher education in business management, accounting, nursing, criminal justice, public administration, education, health, and other disciplines are also being explored. Any postsecondary institutions that wish to conduct certificate trainings or offer on-line or resident degree programs beyond the associates level within the CNMI are encouraged to register with NMC through COMPASS CDI.

  • Internship Services: CDI, in collaboration with agencies that have a Memorandum of Understandings/Agreements with NMC, provides internship opportunities to both local and international students. Through the Memoranda of Understandings/Agreements, NMC places the interns in real-life; on-the-job training opportunities that help the interns fully understand the career, business, or industry they are pursuing.

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