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Workforce Development and Certificate Training (WDCT) Program

Developmental Language Courses are the most marketable courses provided through CDI and have become a major focus in rebuilding and diversifying the tourism and education industries of the CNMI. Language course levels range from conversational to advanced College level English, Carolinian, Chamorro, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Tagalog, and Russian, etc. Individuals learn the basics of communicating in these languages through conversations, writing, reading, and listening exercises. These courses can be tailored and introduced to hotel guests as recreational packages, and has become a high demand in certain locations.

Accelerated Academic program is a major focus of CDI. In full understanding of the continually changing educational environment and the need for non-traditional educational experiences, CDI works closely with NMC’s Academic Programs and Services unit to cater to the needs of the CNMI diversified workforce. This program provides early completion of certificate and degree programs through an accelerated program arrangement. The program is designed around the schedule and needs of interested individuals. CDI can arrange for an accelerated course or courses that meet the normal required academic hours anytime throughout the year.

Law Enforcement Academies are offered through CDI in collaboration with the NMC Criminal Justice Program. Law enforcement personnel from agencies such as the Department of Public Safety, Commonwealth Ports Authority - Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Immigration, Department of Lands and Natural Resources, Municipal Islands Mayor’s Offices, and other key agencies complete academy training programs through Community Development Institute. The Police Academy, Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Academies, Combined Law Enforcement Academies (CLEA), and the Fire Science Academy all are five to six months long.

Customized Training is provided to meet the particular training and education needs of individuals, and public and private sector workforces. CDI stands to tailor or customize all requested training to accommodate clients. Training programs may be arranged through proposals or Memoranda of Agreement at any time of the year. Training schedules are flexible and can be provided during day or evening hours, on weekdays or weekends, on campus or at the jobsite; the needs of the client determine the training schedule.

  • OSHA Training Partnership Alliance: NMC is the community facilitator of Occupational Safety and Health training and education through an alliance with the OSHA Region IX office. Furthermore, NMC is a member of the Northern Marianas Alliance for Safety and Health (NMASH) that provides participating members and the community with OSHA certified courses and programs in conjunction with regional and local training resources.
  • 2 + 2 Program provides opportunities for eligible high school students for early admission to NMC to begin postsecondary studies and to earn credit applicable to both high school and college programs. Students enrolled in both public and private secondary schools that have Memoranda of Understanding with the college are eligible to participate. CDI works closely with the Counseling Programs and Services department, which provides student advising, registration assistance, and day-to-day support for 2+2 students.

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